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At Mutondo Safaris, we are Zimbabweans first, Africans second and proud to be so!

It is our love of country and continent that makes us the right people to book your safari with, as we have a true passion for what we do and we want to share this, by curating incredible journeys just for you. In 2021, the Julian Brookstein Safaris team joined 16 years of experience in the safari industry with Southsea Africa’s investment in the high value of passion and entrepreneurship, to bring to life Mutondo Safaris, offering the best guiding, incredible camps and outstanding customer travel services.

Specialising in individual, family and small group travel, every trip we put together is customised for you as the traveller, to ensure that you make the most of the amazing continent that is Africa. Starting in our home country Zimbabwe, we offer itineraries that allow you to walk with giants, camp in informal luxury, observe vast herds on the move, discover secretive solo creatures, hear spine-trembling roars, capture beauty in flight, feast on delicious meals, be washed in the spray of the world’s largest waterfall and exchange warm smiles across cultures, all under blue skies and glittering canopies of stars. From here, the rest of Africa is open for exploration, the way you want to experience it, guided by our insider knowledge.

As the head of Mutondo’s on the ground team, Julian Brookstein is a fully qualified Zimbabwean professional guide, widely acknowledged as one of the best in the business and along with his chosen fellow guides, makes it his job to wisely and safely transport you inside this world as you encounter the unknown and experience the wonder of the wild. His logistics and operations powerhouse team is led by Ashley Brookstein, his partner in all ways, who heads up the planning of each individual trip, from the perfect itinerary right down to the finer details of sumptuous meals. Sustainability, along with giving back to the communities Mutondo Safaris works with and the protection of the pristine environments we are grateful custodians of, are core to all our business practices.

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Julian Brookstein Safaris is a family business, founded on the deep love that Ashley and Julian Brookstein have for the wild of Zimbabwe. Created to offer private guiding throughout Zimbabwe and Africa, Julian’s outstanding skills as a guide and Ashley’s personal touch make every journey both an incredible adventure and the experience of a lifetime.


A wholly Zimbabwean-owned entity, Southsea Africa is a leading, diversified conglomerate that invests in the potential of Africa. Through our belief in entrepreneurship, family values and ethical principles we are driving economic growth in communities.

Seeds of something special...

This dedication to being the best at what they do made Julian Brookstein Safaris the perfect match for Southsea Africa when the time came to expand the safari dream. The formation of Mutondo Safaris in 2021 sees Ashley and Julian at the helm of this new venture, with the full support of the Southsea Africa team who provide business experience along with established logistical and operational skills . At the core of both businesses is a commitment to giving back and to conserving and celebrating the wildlife and flora of Zimbabwe. This like-minded collaboration lays the foundations for an exceptional safari and travel company, deeply grounded in Zimbabwe, branching out over Africa, providing unforgettable wild experiences. 


When you choose Mutondo Safaris, you are choosing more than a tour operator, booking company or private camp. You are starting a journey of discovery into the truly untouched worlds of Zimbabwe and Africa, in the company of the best guides available, making lifelong memories and experiencing soul-fulfilling moments - the true roots of safari.

As a first-time traveller to Zimbabwe and Africa, we are the safe hands that will show you the best of our safari world, creating a journey that will have you return again and again. For the seasoned visitor, as addicted to the wild as we are, we will create the extraordinary and show you the hidden gems that make your trip unforgettable.


True safaris can change your life -

we are here to ensure that yours does.

Julian's job is not a job, it's his passion! That's what makes him stand out from other guides!

Brenda H.

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