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Undergoing years of study and in the field apprenticeship training, Zimbabwean professional guides are rigorously tested in final exams over a week by leaders in their field before qualifying. To go on safari with a Zimbabwean professional guide guarantees the trip of lifetime. Meet our team of hand-picked guides.

Julian’s passion for the wild and its denizens emerged at an early age with a menagerie that included rats, scorpions, hamsters, spiders, snakes and birds. In his teenage years, this grew into spending every possible holiday in bush camps and at the age of fifteen, he declared his ambition was to be a professional guide. After completing a year in the study of lodge and wildlife management, he spent several years overseas rounding out his experience working on cruise ships.  He then returned to Zimbabwe to pursue his long stated dream and after years of study and training, became a qualified Zimbabwean professional guide. His deep passion for the flora and fauna of Africa translates into his being one of the top rated guides in the industry, with his specialisation in walking safaris truly taking you into his world. A safari guided by Julian is the trip of a lifetime and quickly turns into repeat visits. 


In 2018, building on his vast experience, Julian started his own safari company along with his wife Ashley, offering personally guided customised safaris across Africa with a special emphasis on walking safaris where possible - Julian Brookstein Safaris. In 2022, Julian Brookstein Safaris embarked on a joint venture with SouthSea Investments to create a new tourism venture, Mutondo Safaris. Under this umbrella, the group has two camps - Camp Chitubu in Hwange and Nyamoumba River Lodge in the Zambezi Valley. As the General Manager of Mutondo Safaris, Julian brings over 16 years of experience in professional guiding and lodge management to the table – although he is happiest on foot in the wild, following tracks to another wild encounter.

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